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Halloween English Phrases and Vocabulary

Halloween is an ancient festival celebrated around the world on the 31st of October. It is particularly important in The USA but is also celebrated in many other English-speaking countries around the world. Here are some great English phrases and vocabulary to help you celebrate Halloween in...


‚ÄčLearn English With TV Series

Learn English With TV Series What could be better than watching a great story unfold whilst also learning new words to improve your English skills? This method of learning is such a popular way to learn English and I hear popular new shows from them all the time. Sometimes I have to check the...


QUESTION: Can we use 'ought to' in the interrogative?

"Ought to" can be used in the interrogative form. You could say "Ought I go out?" "Ought I get some dinner?" In this case you leave out the "to". Ought to is not used much in modern speech but a good one to know!