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If somebody is lean, it means that they are not carrying much fat. A synonym for this word would be thin. You can also describe your food as lean if it doesn't contain a lot of fat or unnecessary elements.


John looks so lean, he has been eating a lot less chocolate!

Do you have a lean physique?


Your diet is the collective food and drink that you consume. Another way to use this word is to say that you are "going on a diet" to get healthier. If someone goes on a diet, then they decide to give up unhealthy foods and start to eat in a more structured manner.


Your diet is so unhealthy, all you do is eat snacks and sweets!

Do you have a balanced diet?


Your appetite is the amount of food that you want to eat. If you have a large appetite, you want to eat a lot of food. If you have a small appetite, you don't want to eat a lot of food. Your appetite can change over time, but in general it stays constant. Another use of this word is when your appetite is spoiled. This could be due to an unpleasant experience or a bad taste.


Jane has a very large appetite, she could eat for days!

Is your appetite large or small?


If something is nutritious, it contains a lot of substances that are useful for development. Nutritious foods come in many forms and should be foods that you want to add to your diet. These are the healthiest types of foods to eat.


That meal had everything I needed, it was so nutritious!

Can you describe a nutritious meal?


Moderation is the process of not doing something to excess. There is a famous English phrase that says "everything in moderation". This means that you can be healthy as long as you have a variety of different qualities as part your lifestyle.


You can eat chocolate, just be sure to eat it in moderation and don't eat too much.

Do you eat in moderation?