Family - English Class

Practice Your English and Get Feedback from Native Teachers.

In this class you will practice your speaking and your writing.

The class consists of three parts:

1) Live English Class - Book your Live English Class and talk about the topic with your professional teacher. You will also have the opportunity to talk to learners just like you and practice speaking English naturally.

2) Writing Exercises - Next, there are 5 short answer questions that are related to the topic of family. You will see pictures and a short video to help you with this part of the class. The questions are structured but also interesting. This will help you to practice your writing.

3) Speaking Exercises - Lastly, there are 5 speaking exercises in which you will record your answers using your microphone. This is not a test but it is an opportunity to submit your answers and get feedback from native speakers on how to improve.

Your Instructor

Word English
Word English